how i work

Want to know what’s involved in working with me on your project? Here’s what to expect.


Get in touch

The first step is to get in touch and let me know what you are after, including any relevant details.

After you get in touch, I’ll give you a call for a quick chat about your project.


The brief

After our chat, I will send you a brief that will gather high-level information about your goals, target audience, your business and more.

You can complete this in your own time or we can discuss over the phone.


The proposal

Based on the information in the brief, I’ll send through a project proposal that will include a breakdown of what I’ll be doing for you, the timings, and the cost.


Proposal sign-off and deposit

To go ahead with the proposal, you’ll need to sign-off and pay a 50% deposit before we start.


Kick-off call

The kick-off call is where we get into the details of what you need.

We’ll talk about what your challenges are, your goals and anything else to get a good insight into your business.

This is often the most crucial step in the process and sets the tone for exactly what we’re going to achieve.


Content creation

This is when I take all the information I’ve gathered, get researching and analysing, and write your marketing material.


Editing process

The editing process is your chance to review the content, provide feedback, and refine it.


Project completion

Once you’ve approved the final copy, we’re done! I’ll then send through the final invoice.

Keen to get started?